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Spirometry, also known as a murmur test, is an exam that measures lung function. The test will quantify the air the person blew and at what speed. With this, some indicators of how the lung is working are calculated. If after your consultation the doctor requests the spirometry test, you can do it at the Proncor Hospital, for an affordable price, agility and efficiency in delivery.

If necessary, you can count on several other tests at our Diagnostic Examination Center , which has a reduced fasting time, new devices, online results, emergency delivery and 24h exams. In addition to having hospital support and specialized technical staff. Everything quickly and easily.

About the Spirometry Exam

The spirometry test is painless. The patient can do it sitting or standing and needs to suck in as much air as he can and then blow as hard as possible for six seconds. Before performing the exam, it is important to instruct the patient to continue blowing on the mouthpiece attached to the spirometer until you give the signal that he can stop, because if he stops and aspirates again before the necessary time will change the results of the exam. To ensure that no air gets out of the nose during the process, a kind of clip is placed to prevent nasal breathing. The pulmonologist or technician who performs the examination must first weigh and measure the patient so that the system calculates the indices considered adequate.

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