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Dropped down? It hit? Did it hurt? At the Proncor Hospital Emergency Room
you are attended by an orthopedic specialist.
We are located in the city center and have our own parking .



24-hour emergency room

The only one with general practitioner, orthopedist and ENT on call.

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Discover other advantages in choosing the Proncor Hospital Emergency Room:

Medical Rear

Stroke Protocol

Chest Pain Protocol


Covenants and plans

health care

Your health plan or health care plan is taken care of.


Medical Rear

More than 20 specialties are involved in the medical rear of Hospital Proncor

In the Emergency Room 24h at Proncor Hospital, in addition to the first attendance by the doctor on duty, doctors of various specialties are on call at a distance to provide assistance in the most complex cases or which require procedures and hospitalization.

The medical rear aims at your safety and well-being, trying to avoid exposing you to excessive procedures and ensuring that you are attended to all your needs.

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Chest Pain Protocol

Essential decision support tool

Protocols such as Chest Pain are an additional guarantee of safety for you and your family , reducing unnecessary hospitalizations, reducing costs and improving well-being. The protocol serves to assist patients with complaints of acute chest pain, acute coronary syndrome (ACS) or other serious cardiovascular diseases.

Click here and learn more about this protocol.

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Stroke Protocol

Agility for health